Work is nearly complete on the new Big White Duck Website. It has a whole new look and lots of new features.

The big news is that all the new stacks 3 versions of the stacks will be uploaded. At the moment, if you download a stack you will get the stacks 2 version and then need to run an update to receive the s3 version.

Once the new site it live, we will have stacks version information in place and so users will know that the download they select is for stacks 3 only.

In future all stacks will require stacks 3 and no further updates will occur for the old stacks 2 versions.

Support requests will only be accepted for users running stacks 3. Given the amount of time this voluntary project takes, it would be impossible to maintain two sets of stacks and support for them.

There is no reason not to upgrade to stacks 3. It is stable, all your existing BWD stacks will still work (although soon they will all be updated) but more over stacks 3 is a fantastic upgrade. Everything is better, simple as that.